Memorial Day Picnic “Italian American”Style!!

Coming up with a menu for the biggest summer picnic weekend in America can be daunting.   Well, I have some ideas for a Memorable, Memorial Weekend, ” Italian -American Style”.  Most of the recipes you have already seen and hopefully tried, on my blog.   Now,  let’s create the perfect menu for your Memorial Weekend Picnics.

Starters or Appetizers ideas


Baby Caprese 

Tomatoes Basil Bruschetta

Grilled Artichokes

Crispy Cucumber Salad

Sides, Vegetables and Potatoes ideas


Green beans with Balsamic glazed red onions

Chive and yogurt potato salad

Grilled Eggplant with herbs

Italian Bean Salad



Grilled Entree ideas


Skewered Seasoned Veal Burgers

Tangy Spicy grilled Chicken

Shrimp and Swordfish kebobs

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken and Sun-dried Tomato kebobs

Thyme lemon simply grilled shrimp

I hope some of these ideas inspire your holiday weekend…

Welcome Summer!!!

Buon Appetito!!