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Whatsmickeycooking actually began a few years ago when I started posting my food preparation photos on social media sites.  I have always had a great response and everyone wanted the recipes.  Photography helps capture the moment and I am happy to write and share the recipes.

However, this is not just about the recipes, it is the history of these recipes that have personal meaning……..my  “food memories.”  Now I can share them with you…along with all my new experiences that will hopefully become your memories.

My training is in Architecture/Design and I live in Venice Italy, where 27 years ago I met my husband Ennio..  And like Ina cooks for Jeffrey,  Mickey cooks for Ennio!!!..In these years, I have hosted dinners, organized events and trips that have helped many discover the amazing city I live in and it’s surrounding wine regions.

Cooking and design have been my lifelong passions, there is as much artistry in creating a dish as there is in designing on paper.

I would like to invite you all on my journey.

Buon Appetito !!


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